Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Berlin Day 4: Tired feet, good conversations

First, why are there fireworks in Berlin tonight? Perhaps it is because it is the anniversary of the 1953 uprising. Of course, I am getting ready for bed, so I cannot see them, just hear them.

Anyhow, a good day as I got some good points of view from foreign military representatives in the city, from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, and elsewhere. Have to get ready for my presentation tomorrow as it turns out that the location is the biggest think tank in Germany on International stuff. But got back late from my tour/dinner with a connected researcher/graduate student, so will have to hustle in the morning.

So, just a few observations:
  • Seems to be a consistent difference now--government offices have sparkling water (water with gas) and normal water everywhere else. Hmmm.
  • Ministry of the Foreign Affairs had the strangest device for moving up and down in the building--a steadily moving elevator with no doors--you have to time your entrance and exit.
  • MFA also had a different security entrance--a revolving door that only revolved part way--counter-clockwise to enter the building and clockwise to exit. Getting a real education in comparative building security--MoDefense in Paris, in Berlin, Min of Foreign Affairs here, other govt buildings in both cities....
  • Star Wars Stormtrooper on the s-bahn today. Must have been down with the photo opps at the Brandenburg Gate.

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