Thursday, June 11, 2009

Penultimately Paris, Day 6th: Modern Art and More

This is my second to last day in Paris, and after 22 years and two trips, finally one rain-less day. Too bad it was a working day. I did get some tourism out of my system in the late afternoon/early evening, though. So, some more observations about life in Paris, 2009:

  • I paid more attention in the metro today--five languages for the emergency instructions on the Paris metro, four more than in Montreal.

  • Is it irony that the cheeziest stores are next to the Pompidou Centre, site of the Modern Art Museum? Or is it art?

  • Is it wrong that I have only three reactions to modern art: pretty, funky or blah? They had a Kadinsky special exhibition, and that was pretty educational. The regular modern art exhibits had a nice combination of different forms and didn't overcrowd the walls (one of the reasons I avoided the Louvre this time--plus wanted to avoid getting shot by an albino Monk assassin). There was also a special presentation of women in art, with a wall dedicated to the posters of the guerrilla girls movement. Very interesting.

  • I realized on my flight and then was reminded today that I am flying around Europe in the midst of a pandemic. So far, I am ok.
  • One more day of interviews and then off to Berlin with a full slate. Will have less time for wondering around, but Berlin is completely new to me. So, I will be running around alot this weekend, the only free time I will have.
Update: One more thing--a whole bunch of student groups were entering around 6pm. A) Does the Guggenheim or other modern art museums get as much student traffic? B) After school?


Unknown said...

I liked it, you can find more modern art from spacify.

Steve Saideman said...

I have not mastered the techniques for deleting inappropriate posts, but the one above is a link to a store, not to an art gallery. And this Jessica is not the one we would expect.