Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Paris, Day 4: Less Tourism, More Sun?

Today’s focus was on the work—two interviews and no tourism. But I did notice a couple of things along the way:

* I don’t remember Roma (Gypsies) 22 years ago. I might not have been paying attention, but my guess is that there are more Roma in Paris, hanging out at tourist sites like the Tour D’Eiffel and Le Louvre, begging. I have caught on to a regular routine—a person acts like they have found a ring on the ground and ask the target if it is their ring. The idea, I guess, is to get a donation in exchange for the “found” ring. Not sure how French social policy applies to the Roma, but they seem to be left alone, which is an improvement over other countries (Czech republic to name one).

* Learning to reply to anyone coming up to me asking if I can speak English with a blank response. Which is kind of funny since I look around during my walks, and am glad when I spot Americans, so that I feel a bit more at home. Since I don't feel that way in Canada, I guess I feel at home there. Hmm.

* Definitely more advertising and more stores trying to sell language lessons, including English.

* I think I have grown up--now I don't select restaurants based on whether their advertised menu includes mousse au chocolat as their dessert. I am willing to eat different desserts now!

* Some thoughts on various elections later tonight [ok, I lied, maybe tomorrow].

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