Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Next Time, Use Hockey as Your Analogy

Just a quick note that the top story at the Globe and Mail's website this morning is on an American Colonel saying that the Canadian pullout will hurt the effort.
He later sought to clarify his comments by comparing himself to the coach of a sports team. “If you tell me I'm going to lose a star player, I'm going to say ‘sure it hurts.’ ”
 Hockey, sir.  Hockey.  Canadians do not care about soccer.  Anyhow, there are two sides to this: the Canadians have been among the most flexible, active contingents, and have lots of knowledge about Kandahar.  So they will be missed.  But on the other hand, the CA commitment has topped out at around 2,800 troops, which is a drop in the bucket compared to the US forces surging into the country.  Will the Canadians be missed?  Absolutely. Will it cause the force to be too thin?  Not that much thinner than before.

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