Sunday, October 24, 2010

SNL Spiral

Not a good sign when the only marginally good skits are after Weekend Update.  They need to drop Fred Armistead as their Obama now that they have someone who can do a funny (as opposed to unfunny) imitation--Jay Pharoah.  More importantly, they could use new writers and new bits.  Sure, Emma Stone as Lindsay Lohan was a natural, but entirely wasted as part of the incredibly lame and exhausted View show.  They are clearly going to the Jon Hamm well next week since they know that he can bring the funny even in a badly written sketch.  It would be even better to have Hamm on the show if they give him stuff to do. 

My wife asks why we still watch this show?  Inertia?  The good news is that the DVR allows us to skim through and get beyond the really bad parts.  This is not my first rant about the show.  The frustrating thing is that the talent level of the new folks is quite high, but they are not being used effectively. There are hints of good things ahead, but they need to move past the old and tired skits and imitations.  Bring on the new folks.

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Steve Greene said...

Dude, seriously. It's just been masochistic to watch this show for a loooong time. With all the great ways to get snippets of excellent comedy on-line (including the occasional funny SNL skit), it seems there are few more inefficient ways to spend your time.