Monday, October 11, 2010

Why Don't I Post Much About Baseball?

Because I am a Mets fan, having lived my first several years of my life in the shadow of Shea Stadium and having Tom Seaver as my favorite player.  And it has been a frustrating few years with the best hitter letting strike three slide by and then repeated September collapses.  Now, they are making a clean sweep of the decision-makers and seeing the team for what it is, perhaps, rather than what we hope it to be. 

Aside from getting a great general manager, I have one suggest to borrow from the Phoenix Suns: invest in a much better training and medical staff.  The Mets have had repeated conflicts with their players and have had little success keeping people off of the injured list.  Perhaps if they can find folks who are as skilled as those that have kept Steve Nash on the court, the Mets might have a shot to endure 162 games and then some.

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