Saturday, October 2, 2010

#$%&* That!

Interesting op-ed about cursing and television by the son of Allen Funt of Candid Camera.  A very informed take on what happens when you start bleeping words and when you don't.
Most producers understand that when it comes to language, the sizzle has far more appeal than the steak.
And then he cites Jimmy Kimmel's standard bit of bleeping ordinary words to make clips of TV shows seem much racier.

Still, I was pretty surprised when "bitch" was tossed out in the middle of No Ordinary Family since it was an 8 pm show--the family hour.  And the show has been billed as a family show.  It is funny that I did notice that word and the discussion of teen sex when Alan Sepinwall tweeted about what age is this show appropriate for, but forgot about the scene of the two parents in bed post coitus.  [No, this is not an effort to increase the hits on my blog].  Just interesting what I noticed and what I did not, given how much sex, violence and cursing I do see on TV via cable and now networks.  [Speaking of TV, Stephen Cannell will be missed]

By the way, No Ordinary Family is the only new show on network TV that I am currently following (although I will catch Hawaii 5-0 and Nikita when I can).  Undercovers has been a disappointment--Chuck is superior in pretty much every way.

I still think the best is yet to come with The Cape and The Walking Dead.

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Secret to boosting hits on your blog is to mention "tennis porn"