Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Non-Strategic Thinking UK style

Ok, so the Canadians may not have thought that seriously about what the F-35 would be used for.  Well, as I discussed earlier, the Brits seem to be cutting their military without thinking that hard about for which purposes they might use their armed forces.  And now it gets worse.  They are making such deep cuts in their army that they will no longer be so special--that they will not be able to put more than a brigade into a long-lasting commitment.  This makes them pretty ordinary to the US, which will ultimately have significant repercussions for British influence.  Hard choices must be made, certainly.  Not clear that having carriers but no ability to sustain land operations makes a lot of sense.  Perhaps the UK is moving back to being only a naval power, like it used to be a long time ago.  Of course, having a 25 ship navy with carriers sans planes may not be much of a naval power either. 

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