Sunday, December 12, 2010

Ask the Reader: Holiday Card Inserts?

Today's chore while watching football was to put together our holiday cards.  Last year, well, it got away from us.  So, I have gotten in the habit over the past several years of inserting a page that describes the highlights of the year.  The question of the day is: given how many folks are on facebook, does it make sense to include such a page anymore?  Social networking/media (including this blog) make it very easy for people who care to follow folks.  And the people who don't care to follow probably do not really care that much about the letter added to the card.

So, what do the readers say?


Steve Greene said...

Thought about the issue, but we're still doing it. We've got a lot of friends/family-- especially among the older generation-- who are not on facebook and am pretty sure will appreciate the updates. Also, there's certain kind of things for an X-mas Card, e.g., David loves math and making his own books, that you don't ever put in a status update.

Steve Greene said...
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