Saturday, December 11, 2010

Big College Sports. continued

If you think I have strong views on college sports in the US, check out Jason Whitlock's latest rant:
If you read my column in late July about Reggie Bush giving back his Heisman Trophy, you know exactly how I feel about the NCAA, the college football and basketball plantations it runs and the media slave catchers who uphold outdated, unethical NCAA rules like they’re the Ten Commandments
Whitlock blasts the media:
Printing the allegations of anonymous, ax-grinding boosters, coaches and street agents doesn’t take much courage. Supporting a powerful institution (NCAA) that exploits the poor (athletes) for the economic benefit of the rich (coaches and executives) is what we’ve been doing unabated in America ever since Ronald Reagan introduced trickle-down economics.

Yesterday, I just dealt with misplaced priorities and resource sucking that these programs are.  But I didn't even discuss some of the key problems in the big sports: athletes who are denied the ability to fund themselves are making heaps of money for some actors (if not for the university as a whole), while coaches run up their salaries by jumping from program to program, breaking promises along the way.  Where do professional athletes get the idea that they have a right to re-negotiate contracts before they are done?  From their college coaches, who regularly break their promises.

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