Monday, December 13, 2010

Starting the Week with Sarcasm

So, the much ballyhooed tax cut helps the middle class and might be good politics?  Really?  REALLY? Really?  I am shocked.  Ok, I am not shocked or surprised.  If everyone is screaming about this bill, there must be something right about it.  I am not so sure about the merits of the entire package, but I cannot help but like a bill a little bit if both the far right and left are both opposed.  Obama was able to get stuff in exchange for tax cuts for the wealthy, which is better than getting nothing at all.  Would it have been better to shut down everything and hope that people would turn against the Republicans?  Maybe, maybe not.  But this bill actually stimulates the economy more than doing nothing.  It could have also cleared the decks for other lame duck efforts, but it looks like Harry Reid mismanaged DADT repeal. 

I do like the optics the tax cut has produced: after fighting for a very expensive tax cut for the rich, the Republicans were fighting against spending a few billion to help those first responders who endangered themselves on 9/11.  I wonder if that will make it into campaign ads?

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Steve Greene said...

It would make it into ads if the parties were reversed. Republicans are just better at this.