Monday, December 27, 2010

War/Military Movies

You can find a list of war movies at
A very good list, but missing:
  • Guns of Navarone (sequel was not as good, even with Harrison Ford), 
  • Where Eagles Dare (Richard Burton and Clint Eastwood do a mostly faithful version of the Alistair MacLean book); 
  • Final Countdown (fun movie considering the What If of a modern US nuclear powered aircraft carrier showing up in Dec. 1941); 
  • Defiance; 
  • All's Quiet on the Western Front; 
  • Paths of Glory (Kirk Douglas and the problem of mutinies in WWI
    What am I missing?

    My favorites are:
    1. Guns of Navarone (WW2, 1961)
    2. Final Countdown (WW2 time travel, 1980)
    3. A Bridge Too Far (WW2, 1977)
    4. Catch-22 (WW2, satire, Italy, 1970) 
    5. The Dirty Dozen (WW2, 1967)
    6. Dr. Strangelove (Cold War, 1964)
    7. The Great Escape (WW2, 1963)
    8. Kelly’s Heroes (WW2, comedy, 1970)
    9. The Longest Day (WW2, Normandy invasion, 1962)
    10. MASH (Korea, comedy, 1972)
    11. Patton (WW2, 1970)
    12. Saving Private Ryan (WW2, 1998)
    Movies I need to see:
    1. The Battle of Algiers (Algeria, urban warfare, 1966)
    2. Black Book (Netherlands reistance, WW2, 2006)
    3. The Charge of the Light Brigade (Crimean, 1968)
    4. Das Boot (WW2, 1981)--seen pieces of it but not the entire movie
    5. Gallipoli (WW1, 1981)--saw it long ago, but remember none of it.
    6. Lawrence of Arabia (WW1, 1962)--yes, sad, but true.  Have never seen it. 
    7. Zulu (Boer War, 1964)

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    Bridge Over the River Kwai?