Sunday, December 19, 2010

DADT Finally Repealed

A semi-sensible Senate?!  Who would have thunk it?  Amazing what can be accomplished when public opinion, the senior military folks, and history are all on the same side.

Oh, and all the folks who said we should not do that mid-war are just looking for an excuse (with perhaps the exception of General Casey who continues his record as a general disappointment*) since the US is going to be in the middle of a war for a while to come.

As others have noted, the key stat from the survey of military folks is this: those folks who have served with people they know to be gay do not have a problem with it.  Ignorance is not only bliss but also the source of bad policy.

In a short time, this new reality will largely be taken for granted except for the occasional story played up by FOX or a politician who is grandstanding.

* General Casey was the director of the division of the Joint Staff when I was in the Pentagon.  He was pretty impressive, but has demonstrated since then a pretty shallow learning curve.  He subscribed to the theory that US forces in Iraq only served as an irritant so he wanted the force there to be small and ineffective.  He didn't really buy into the logic of COIN.  And then he became Army Chief of Staff, his current post, where he supported the government, sort of, while saying that DADT would be better repealed in peacetime.  So, I am not so impressed.

PS  Fitures such interesting and important news happens while my modem is down.  Still only reaching the net when I am at Starbucks or other source of free wifi.  Will post about a non-internet lifestyle once I have my connection fixed or my fix connected.  Hint--lots of Wii.

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