Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Sensible Americans?

A new poll from Angus Reid (pdf) finds that over two thirds of Americans think Iran is pursuing a nuclear weapon but only a quarter of those polled believe military force is warranted to stop them.  (Real Clear World is the source, a blog with which I am unfamiliar)
Perhaps this is just war fatigue rather than a sophisticated understanding of the limits of the use of force.  But I will take it.  We face few good choices with Iran, and dropping bombs is not even in the realm of lesser evils at this stage.  It would be bad, bad, bad policy, since they would be unlikely to make much of a difference, and Iran does have alternatives to hurt the US (Strait of Hormuz, encouraging Hezbollah to become more aggressive, etc).

Anyhow, I will take good news where I find it, and I am glad to see that the US public is not thrilled about a third war in Asia. 

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CannibalisticJudas said...

makes me sad, been in the u.s since my childhood, and just recently began to feel alienated by it's citizens. i just wish people would start looking inward in this country it has so much potential for progress, but it's locked in these unnecessary wars to secure corporate interests.
Then again, as a consumer whore myself i have very little room to speak try as i may to live in the guise of Marxism. there is only so much i can do.