Saturday, December 4, 2010

Swiss Missing?

I spent the day in Zurich on the way to a workshop in held on the border between Germany and Switzerland on Lake Constance.  It was a cold, bright today, so plenty of good pictures and a desperate desire for hot chocolate.  No luck--where is Swiss Miss when you need it?  The folks of Zurich drink a heated rum/wine beverage that smells nearly as bad the melted cheese.  The beer, on the other hand, was terrific.

The city looked even better at night with lots of lights for the upcoming holidays I guess.  The train station had a Christmas market set up in side, chock full of lots of products, including nuts (I saw as many nut sellers as Starbucks), the aforementioned rum wine concoction which was very popular, woodwork (including a picture that reminded me of what the Blacks used to do to their house elves--see below).

What did I learn on the trip over?
  • The device that allows you telescope the handle for a suitcase is really important as the wheels do no good if you cannot drag the suitcase.
  • Montreal to Geneva may not have direct flights in the future, if this flight was any indicator--less than half full.  Cool for me as I had plenty of space, bad for Air Canada.
  • It does explain why there are a whole lot more ads before every movie/tv shown on the little screens than there was the last time I flew.
Tomorrow, I take the train to Konstanz.  Another beautiful lake, I am sure.

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