Friday, December 17, 2010

Don't Ask, Just Tell Me When It is Over

The ups and downs of DADT repeal are just incredibly frustrating.  To have 57 votes and it not be enough is just astounding.  Richard Lugar: Where are you on this?  You are a conservative Republican of the old school--not nuts!  And a voice of sanity on Defense Issues, more or less.  You should be on the correct side of history here.  We long ago gave up on McCain.  Good to see the Maine Senators are finally deviating a bit from the "all Obama progress must fail" mode. 

Interesting that only by taking the vote on DADT alone as opposed to folded into a bigger bill might we make progress here.  What does this really tell us?  That Harry Reid is a crappy Majority leader.  Well, we already knew that.  But focusing on DADT alone allows Senators the clear choice--side with the majority of public opinion, with the Chairman and the SecDef (we can ignore the retrograde Marine Commandant), and with history or do not.

I am now firmly in Yoda's camp: do or do not.  There is no try left.

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