Friday, December 3, 2010

The Joy of Twitter

The best part of twitter is it is even easier to catch the viral stuff.  I am waiting to catch a plane to Switzerland for a workshop on military adaptation in Afghanistan.  So, what better way to prepare than videos such as these:

First, Kevin Bacon shilling for Logitech:

Second, some Norwegians promote their program with Let it Be and a cast of tens of random celebrities:

Third, same wacky Norwegians with We are the World (an eminently mockable song) with even more random "celebrities."  I almost had tears come to my eyes with the nostalgia.  Was more thrilled to see Radar than Luke Skywalker since Mark Hamill has done stuff in the past decade.

Today I had the last lectures of the term--so I am in the mood for some random celebrities lip-synching.

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