Friday, December 3, 2010

No Telling on DADT

No idea if they can get this thing done in this lame duck Congress.  But fatigue is setting in, at least among bloggers.  See Drezner's short, nicely aimed one shot at it. I love Ricks's framing--does Congress care about what the military thinks?  I like that the SecDef is arguing that it is inevitable, and it is better done through legislation than the courts.  I am not entirely sure that the Courts will do the right thing.  But I am sure that there are enough Republicans who will continue to play to an ever more extreme base that this will be very, very difficult. 

I guess we are always surprised when things change because inertia is always so easy to expect. Where is Nate Silver on the actual legislative question, rather than the survey issue?  Oh, he is focused on the world cup decisions.  Never mind.

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