Sunday, December 26, 2010

Tournament of War: Anyone?

Long ago, I saw a cartoon or graphic which displayed a tournament bracket.  It was not of sports teams but of countries who have engaged in war.  The semi-finals of US v. Vietnam and USSR v. Afghanistan produced the finale of Vietnam vs. Afghanistan.  I cannot find it on the net, but here is my rough effort to remember it.

Anyone have the original gif/jpg file or something like it?  Want to make suggestions about how to revise it?


Anonymous said...

Hi Steve,

I don't have a PDF, but in my notes from grad school I have a reference to something like this being published in the December 1989 SPY magazine.

Ben Nyblade

Chris C. said...

I'd pick France to lose in a first-round upset to Algeria; impossible that they'd advance so far. Also, I was fairly certain that China punished Vietnam pretty badly in their latest war?

jjhaller77 said...

As usual, it's all in the seeding.

Anonymous said...

You can add Alexander the Great losing to Afghanistan.

Also, I think you meant Mongols, not Moguls. Moguls still operate very independently for the most part, although Bill Gates and Warren Buffet are working together and might be starting to organize them.

And you could say that China lost to Japan before WWII.

Anonymous said...

This is from Spy magazine, late 1980's.