Monday, January 16, 2012

Canada and The Republicans

The Canadian International Council twitter account (I am tempted to call it Bob or Fred) asked me which Republican candidate Canadians should prefer.  This is after my snarky response to the CIC's post that raised this question in general and provided a link to their panel of rapid responders.

Of course, the answer is Romney.  The three responders (at least three thus far, as they may add some as the slower rapid responders respond less rapidly) all go with the least extreme, most opportunist candidate who governed as a centrist in Massachusetts.  The other Republican candidates range from batsh$t crazy to hateful to evil to  incredibly incompetent, so the choice is obvious. 

The more important point is that whoever the Republicans select, Canadians in general should want Obama to get re-elected.  Why? Because it is likely that the Republicans will retain control of one house (o Representatives) and be obnoxious enough in the other (the Senate) that having a Republican in the White House would likely mean too much bad stuff would get through (yes, Obama has allowed for a variety of noxious stuff to pass), including more ill-timed/targeted tax cuts.  My guess is that the Republicans would do heaps of harm to the American economy---and that is important for Canada. 

I was asked about the perimeter deal, but I have no real idea about its current or future content.  For me, the economic issues are the most important, and I just have big doubts about whether the Republicans can govern responsibly.  At this time in US history, divided government is looking pretty good.

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