Wednesday, January 4, 2012

The Video Challenge

Dan Drezner tweeted a challenge today: come up with a video that best captures American grand strategy.  I posted this one:

Why did I choose this one? Because a simplistic characterization of American grand strategy would, of course, focus on the threat of force, rather than something more complex about managing the slings and arrows of outrageous globalization.  The new or not so new defense strategy of having enough of a military to fight one war while deterring or spoiling an adversary's plans requires a "bigger knife" not to use but to dissuade challengers.

Such a grand strategy also plays to the US's current strength--dominating conventional war through bigger and better weapons.  In the video, Croc Dundee is confronted not by one mugger but several (and one can read race into this if one wants, since the mugger was African-American, and most threats to the US are by non-white folks).*  His big knife spoils the plans of each of them.  Sounds like a good use of resources.
* Of course, if one thinks of GOP candidates with outrageously poor judgment as the biggest threats to American security, then things change a bit now that Cain is out of the mix.
The video also illustrates the stakes: leggy model types with mediocre acting skills but with heaps of loyalty (Linda K is still married, apparently, to Paul Hogan).  The parallel in US grand strategy is what?  A cool knife, a nice jacket, a neat hat, and a beautiful woman?  To have it all?  Tis the American dream.

So, that was my first shot at a youtube clip that would exemplify the new American grand strategy.  And yes, this is completely out of character since I am not relying on Harry Potter nor Star Wars (um, the US is either the Old Republic or the Empire, and neither are desirable models).

I am looking forward to seeing what Dan collects.
Updated:  This is what Dan collected.

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