Tuesday, January 3, 2012

A Discourse on Degrees

M.A, Ph.D, M.Phil?  No, of course not.  It is time for the annual Fahrenheit was right post.  I had to go downtown today because I had to pick up my new Permanent Residency card (every five years or until I go full Canadian, eh?).  So, I went to school as well to do some paperwork (see aforementioned blogpost on recommendations).

And ... yuck! Today was the first semi-brutally cold day of the winter, and we were poorly adjusted since winter has been quite warm here (more ice than snow on the slopes).  Sure, it did not duck down below 0F (-18C), but it got close.  And, as Mr. Fahrenheit set 0 at the temp where things get damned uncomfotable, I felt pretty darned uncomfy today. 

Sure, it allowed me to test out my new jeans with flannel on in the inside (thanks to Mrs. Spew's mom's holiday gift),* but it also reminded me that the winters here in Canada have a surprising impact: I wear out the zippers on my winter coats.  This time, both the metal holding the tag one uses to pull on the zipper and the zipper itself are damaged.  The zipper keeps unzipping from the top back to 3/4s, which, in weather like this, ain't good.  Do North Face or other brands have more reliable zippers than Columbia or does Canada's winter defeat them all?

*  Mrs. Spew noted on the previous word could that she did not appear, but I am pretty sure she would rather not appear often than be discussed in my blog on a regular basis (plus the way the word cloud worked, discussion of her would be Mrs. and Spew but not Mrs. Spew). 
Yes, I am looking forward to my next job, which should allow me to go from my house to my garage to a parking garage to a tunnel to my office, with very little walking in near or sub 0F.  Of course, that would leave poorly adjusted for skiing, but then again, there is less skiing near Ottawa, one of the big downsides of the move.

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