Monday, January 16, 2012

I Want to Vote in South Carolina

Stephen Colbert slays about eight different targets with this one ad:

  video platform
  video management
  video solutions
  video player

Let's count them, shall we?
  1. Obviously, Colbert makes Romney look foolish with the corporations are people line.
  2. Colbert makes the whole idea of corporations as having the same legal rights as people look pretty silly.  
  3. Colbert makes the whole super-pac thing even more ridiculous--Americans for a Better Tomorrow Tomorrow
  4. Colbert makes the whole super-PAC thing even more ridiculous: "I had nothing to do with that ad."
  5. Colbert makes the media silly as he is appearing on ABC to defend this ad.
  6. Colbert makes the American political process silly by producing a wonderfully slick (voiced by John Lithgow) negative ad, epitomizing the attack politics of the 21st century.
    1. The only weakness here is that this ad has a heap more substance than most attack ads: a real quote by Romney, a real past of destroying jobs via corporate takeovers, etc.
  7.  "I don't know if Mitt Romney is a serial killer.  That is a question he is going to have to answer."  More mocking of the media, which takes the lies that are spewed and then repeat them by forcing the politicians to address them, rather than ignoring them and letting them fade away.
  8. Colbert concludes by noting that John Lithgow, the voice of the ad, appeared on Dexter as a serial killer: "Two points make a line."

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