Friday, January 6, 2012

Real Life Poker in Quebec

Jonathan Duhamel won the World Series of Poker in 2010, but got robbed of his bracelet (what one gets when one wins an event at the WSOP] and a heap of a cash last month in his home in Montreal's suburbs.  It seems to be the case that his ex-girlfriend, Bianca Rojas Latraverse, arranged the robbery, which involved beating Duhamel up.  He is ok, bruised, but ok.  Yesterday was the bail hearing for Rojas Latraverse and her colleagues in crime.

In reading the account, where she basically says that she plans to support herself through her poker playing while out on bail and the judge looks askance and where the evidence includes heaps of text messages spelling out what she planned to do (rob her ex-boyfriend), I cannot help but wonder how well she can play poker.  Unless her courtroom appearance is an elaborate bluff, she does not seem that bright.  Perhaps she can announce as she sits down to any poker table at the Montreal casino or in the poker rooms located on the territories of the First Nations folks nearby that she is the robber of the WSOP champ and use that to intimidate the other players at the table?  Otherwise, I do not see the wisdom of the strategy of annoying the judge. 

Of course, I know of other people who show up fairly inebriated at their trials, so perhaps there is a selection effect: people who break the law and get caught may not be all that bright.  Yep, you heard it hear first.  The truly smart criminals are safe in their volcano-based lairs, I suppose.

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