Monday, January 2, 2012

Spew Point of Pride: Few Extra Clicks

One of the things I will never do with this blog: purposely come up with a list that requires heaps of pageviews to get the complete list.  I only insert a break and compel clicks to see more for two reasons:
  1. The post is really long, and I want to break it up so that readers of my blog can see multiple posts at the same time.
  2. The post involves a spoiler for some book/movie/television program.
Of course, it is easy for me to have some principles on this since I am not making money per pageview.  Indeed, I am not making any money at all.  Yes, blogspot makes easy to have ads attached, but I have refrained.  I don't need the pennies.  I guess if there was some money being made, then I might feel the need to increase the click-rate by coming up with slideshows and lists that require eleven clicks for a top-ten list.  Until I succumb to temptation, the Spew will remain a minimal click zone.

My easiest New Year's Resolution--not to page through the gratuitous slideshows at (otherwise, one of my favorite sites) and other places.

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