Friday, June 8, 2012

Back to the Past

Just got this email from McGill:
A message from Jim Nicell, Associate Vice-Principal (University Services)

As has been the case at dozens of other institutions in recent days, McGill has been the recipient of an envelope containing a white powder.

In all other cases of envelopes containing powder the substances have turned out to be harmless.

Police put a small area in the James Administration Building off limits for a short period of time, before advising us that the area could be reopened. The police informed us that they are of the view the substance is not harmful and business throughout the James Administration Building can continue.
Not only are there literally limbs flying around the country, but someone is imitating the anthrax-folks of 2001, sending powered via the mail to various places to protest.  This time, the protest is aimed at Liberals and Anglophone institutions in Quebec (the body parts seemed to be aimed at a variety of targets).  The powder has proven to be harmless, but, if the intent is to scare people, then it is ... terrorism, right?

Is this a proportionate response to the protests of the spring and the provincial government's attempts to squash said protests?  Nope.  No, this is not probably being done by the main student groups, but their fellow travelers are doing them no favors.  Or favours for that matter.


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