Friday, June 1, 2012

Now For Something Complete Different, pt I

No, not Monty Python.  Just a few videos that caught my eye.  I read the new MTV oral history book, and thought I would check out some of the videos that had interesting stories.

First, Milton Berle and RATT:

Then, a classic A-ha, Take On Me:

Apparently an historical bad and career-ending video:

It was painful to watch, and I could not believe that I still had 2:30 or so left to watch as it became awful-er.

Bop Til You Drop--most notable for being David Fichner's (Fight Club, Social Network) first video

Biggest hair but Nancy Wilson was more upset with the focus on their assets (although very tame by MTV standards [this came out several years after my crush on the band]):

The Cars!  Ric Ocasek as a fly!  Didn't know Weezer covered this.  Of course, CArs is the big omission in my Pixar love-fest

Tom gets creepy/funky:

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