Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Goodbye and Thanks for All The Fish

As I head off into the sunset, I have a few last words, of course.  Well, words and videos (use Chrome if you have problems--I blame uber-Google for my recent Firefox/video problemos).

As I have said again and again, I will miss the undergrads at McGill. Thanks for making the last ten years a blast.  They were more than a willing audience, asking tough questions that forced me to think and re-think.  I am pretty sure that no one is going to stop them:

I am so proud of the grad students who not only did all of my grading and research, but also are making major contributions with their own work.  While I complained about all the work I had to do as their supervisor, their success is mine.  And, their future, well, is ....:

I am leaving McGill in good hands--a new chair and the imminent ascension of a great bunch of folks means I am probably leaving at the wrong time.  I owe those Associate Professors a debt that I can never repay although I did buy them some beer.

I will miss most the frisbee folks who caught my throws no matter how errant and who made up for my lousy defense.  They also taught me a lot of French--well, Quebec curse words.  These folks have big hearts and a bounty of silliness.

Wait!  There is an ultimate frisbee song:

Wait, another one by a guy I played against often and sometimes with in Montreal:

Hey, it makes sense that I post three different videos for the ultimate community of Montreal--they were that much fun, and I used to play three nights a week.

To my Montreal friends, thanks for making the past decade a very enjoyable time for my family and me.

If you end up in Ottawa, stop by and we can share a pitcher of beer:

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