Friday, June 29, 2012

Unpacking is Such Sweet Sorrow

Sensing a theme?  We started to unpack as the movers got our stuff off the truck, but it is going to take a while.  It can be easy and it can be hard.  Easy was last night when I opened the box next to my desk and found all of the stuff that I plug into my laptop: monitor, speakers, keyboard, mouse, etc.  Hard is trying to find the pillows so that I could go to bed--ended up in the second to last box in the bedroom.  As a result, I do have one song in my head this morning.  No, I am not dealing drugs to pay for the house.  I have seen where that leads.

It could be worse.  We got wifi almost immediately or else this would have been me:

One implication of the experience thus: don't expect me to go someplace for my next sabbatical (kicked further down the road due to the move).  Perhaps the one after that after the details of moving fade from my memory. 

I do love my new house, and I enjoy the adventure of figuring out where everything is going to go.  Plus SHOPPING for stuff shall be fun whether it is a new TV (done), furniture to replace the grad school era stuff we finally dumped (no success thus far), or blinds/hardware/mundane stuff (in the next few days). 

Blogging will remain at a minimum until I can find most of the stuff, and most of the stuff is in its place.

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