Sunday, June 24, 2012

Moving Anxiety

As we wait for the movers to arrive to pack us up and then move us down the road, I cannot help but be a bit anxious.  None of our moving experiences have been awful, but there have been some hiccups.  Let's see if I can remember them all:
  • East Coast to San Diego: Everything in or on my 1971 Buick Elektra.  No real problems besides the joy of driving coast to coast in a car with no AC.  We timed going through the Mojave at night, but it was so dark and we were so tired.  The bumpy things on the edges of the highway were new to us and not that reassuring.
  • San Diego to Vermont: The truck was late because they didn't turn off and ended up in Canada. 
  • Vermont to Texas: Late because the truck broke down and they didn't have any flashlights.  This meant my pregnant wife was sleeping on the floor as we were too cheap/poor to stay in a hotel. 
  • Texas to Virginia: No problems as we had the Allied Master Mover, who was designated as such because he was always on time, had no complaints and such. He was fantastic. 
  • Virginia to Montreal: We had to go with the firm that McGill used.  Ug.  We loved our Allied experience but could not go back.  McGill's moving policies were terrific otherwise.  My wife and daughter got to spend several days in a Montreal hotel while I was in our furniture-less house with the dogs.  The big complication was getting our Honda across the border since we owed money on this.  But back to the movers, they had a truck that was juuuuust the right size.  Nothing less assuring than having the mover say: do you really want those bookcases?  Um, yes, we own them.  And we own a lot of books, so he had to re-arrange to get the stuff in the truck.
The latest move is the shortest in our lives except for changing apartments in San Diego.  We shall see how it goes.

Wish us luck!


Lauren said...

So many stories I'm sure! Luck and more luck!

Josh R said...

At least this won't be such a long drive. Good luck and all the best at Carleton!