Saturday, June 2, 2012

Completely Different, pt II

Continuing my journey back in time:

Axl Rose: Hard to work with?  Who would have thunk it?

One of many videos that MTV was surprisingly reluctant to play.

Tone Loc: Wild Thing.  MTV took a while to get to rap, but not as slow as I.

Which led to Young MC and his Bust A Move:

Not only did David Fichner start in videos, but so did Michael Bay.  But this was less Bay-esque--no explosions and less gratuitous female pulchritude.

David Fichner and Paula Abdul?  Yes:

Fincher plus Aerosmith make more sense:

Very much a short movie.

 This one pretty much ended the US Navy's support for music videos.  And, no, not very subtle: "We're getting as phallica as you an possibly get."  From the book I Want My MTV 

Quite the tattoo, eh?  By the way, Cher was 43 at the time.

And now for something a bit different:

Finally, the video that was said to have killed videos:

Actually, the only way to end a series of posts on videos is with this one:

I love the disclaimer at the start.

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