Saturday, June 23, 2012

Obvious Blogging Outage

For the next week, blogging, well by me anyway, will be intermittent as moving is commencing.  So, unless I get more done to prep or inspiration drives my hands to fly across the keyboard, you can expect less Spew.

While I am busy supervising packers/movers and then driving to Ottawa and unpacking, you can post here suggestions for July Spew-age.  Let me know what I miss while my head is buried in boxes and as my wifi is getting re-connected.  Plus any advice on living in Ottawa (or frisbee teams that need an old/slow handler) is most welcome.

[I am realizing that google's purchase of youtube means that videos work better on Chrome these days than Firefox]
I will have some stuff auto-posting as I leave town.  Anyhow, see you in the flipside.

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