Thursday, June 28, 2012

Moving is Such Sweet Sorrow

We are amid move, with lessons about the process and observations about Ottawa most fresh in our minds.  Too tired to write coherently, the best I can do is a set of bullets:
  • Make sure that when the movers leave your house that the house back together.  When they left, they had not put the door back on our Montreal house.  Ooops.  At first, we could not find the pins that go in the hinges.  When those turned up, things got easier.  But perhaps very appropriate given that our first week in Montreal involved a bathroom door that would not open and I was on the wrong side of it.
  • Bring bulbs.  Light bulbs, that is.  Our new house is good shape, except the previous owner's solution to busted light bulbs was to eat carrots?  
  • Guilt a certain secret squirrel by paying for a delightful dinner.  I expect to be paid back in baked goods.
  • Ottawa is easy to navigate--missed a turn but was still able to get to dinner.
  • Speaking of which, Spoon!  We were introduced to a frozen yogurt place that was fun.  Good way to end the evening.
  • Oh, and keep track the damn powercords of the other computers in the family.  Good thing the kid is off at camp.  I am sure the cords will turn up since we left nothing behind.
  • Driving in Ottawa is a pleasure--lights are better timed, roads are smoother, less traffic.  My commute will be almost entirely along the Rideau Canal.  Very nice.   
Cannot think of anything else--but that speaks to my being fried.

Today, the movers arrive and we start the great unpacking.

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