Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Tsk, Tsk, Canada!

Today, I have a post at Canadian International Council on the latest reactions to Quebec's protest season.  The UN High Commissioner for Human Rights lumped bill 78 essentially in with other acts of human rights repression such as the demise of Hungarian democracy.

I found this pretty appalling, so I thought I would suggest a list of real sins that Western democracies have committed and are more deserving of UN HCHR opprobrium:
  1. Disenfranchising voters who might be Hispanic, Black or otherwise likely Democratic voters in the US.
  2. Treatment of indigenous peoples in Australia (Aborigines), US (Native Americans), Canada (First Nations), etc.
  3. The Death Penalty in the US.
  4. The rise of xenophobia, especially in Europe.  Imagine if countries were trying to restrict refugees from Arab Spring from landing on their shores. Oh, right.  It happened.
  5. Fox News and its destruction of understanding.
  6. Donald Trump.
  7. The never-ending American presidential election--so punishing to all involved, especially those subjected to campaign ads in swing states.
  8. Dan Snyder's reign as owner of the Redskins and Peter Angelos's reign as owner of the Orioles.
  9. Madonna's English accent.
  10. The firing of Dan Harmon and the placing of Community on Friday night.  Anything short of six season and a movie is worthy of an International Criminal Court prosecution.
So, what do you suggest as serious or less serious human rights violations that should supplant Quebec's Bill 78 on the UNHCHR's list?

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J.Collins said...

The 4th Indiana Jones movie is a scar on the human conscious. I will never forget the roughly two hours that spring day three years ago when that unsuspecting and awful film debuted. I had such hope.