Monday, June 18, 2012

Lying Frisbee Players!

The usual pre-game cheer--this time with extra Mojo!
Funny that I set up the blog up to auto-post a few pic-posts of my ultimate frisbee experience in Montreal, and then I go out and get seriously moved by a surprise pick up game thrown in my honor last night.  The captain for the past half dozen years of General Admission (GA), my Sunday night team, told me that we had to play two games last night since next week is a holiday (St. Jean de Baptiste--QC's would be independence day) and the other team could not play next week.    So, when I got to the field, I kept asking people who are opponent was, and people kept demurring saying that they didn't know.  LIARS!  Every single one of them.  My first ever surprise party, and I was very surprised.

I know my place--on the offensive line
Indeed, they had to explain a couple of times that the folks were there to play with me. I thought they were teasing. Nope, so we played a very silly game--where I tried some throws I never would throw in a competitive situation such as a behind the back blind pass into the endzone (almost caught).  

I was very moved, and the pics here will always remind me of the very best part of Montreal--my ultimate Ultimate friends. Merci beaucoup for everything, especially making me look good by catching my questionable passes, throwing the disk at the edge of my decreasing range so that I could dive for the disk, and compensating for my lousy defense.  I doubt that I will find a group of folks that combine fun, competitiveness, spirit, and all the rest in one package.  It truly has been my pleasure.

An obviously very silly group of people with big hearts.

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