Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Are Political Scientists Spoiled Brats? Let the Reader Decide

On the political science rumor blog, there have been several threads dedicated to the next American Political Science Association meeting, which will take place in Toronto. As Canada is a foreign country, this has raised a variety of complications, including some folks need visas, others worry about their cell phone expenses, or the need to get foreign currency. Of course, APSA didn't anticipate this at all, in part because these decisions are made several years in advance. Four or five years ago, the CA $ was about 80% of the US $ so the conference would have been much cheaper to the APSA membership. Also, four or five years ago, people were not as addicted to their cell phones.

What conclusion do I draw from all of the carping? That perhaps Avenue Q has it wrong--the internet is for complaining.

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