Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Socialism in Hockey is Baaaad!!

Ok, starting year 8 in Canada, I guess I have to start mentioning hockey.

ok. done.

No, seriously, the National Hockey League is deliberately trying to avoid profits--by keeping a bankrupt team in the hottest place in the US--Arizona. Just brilliant. They have a Canadian business icon--Jim Basillie (who has also invested in an IR grad school!!!) of Blackberry fame--wanting to move the team to a locale where hockey is actually popular and pay more money than competing bids to do so.

It just makes too much sense. I guess it is the opposite of the cliche "this is so crazy, it just might work." So, the NHL has done everything it can to oppose the best possible bid. No wonder you cannot find hockey on a major sports network in the US--it is run by blithering idiots.

I have pretty strong feelings about this, despite the fact that I don't watch or follow hockey. Incompetence and stupidity just gets my dander up.

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Phil L said...

I guess abandoning any US franchise would be tantamount to admitting that the NHL simply isn't that popular in the US, despite their best efforts. Canadian fans, on the other hand, will watch no matter what. They can be taken for granted.