Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Must Watch More TV

Well, the Onion recommends it: Watching Fewer Than 4 Hours Of TV A Day Impairs Ability To Ridicule Pop Culture

Well, with the new TV season on the horizon and the end of summer ultimate, I should be heading back to my daily recommended requirement of tv watching. The challenge is to watch stuff that the students will also watch, or else my pop cultural references don't play to a majority of the 600 students in my Intro to IR class. But the problem is that I don't watch much reality TV or Gossip Girl type stuff. I may have to stick with movies this fall as I did see most of the major movies. Plus there is the new old-standby--showing the videos via youtube to get the point across. Just have to exercise some moderation. My wife would like for me to show more Monty Python, but I would have more appropriate opportunities to do so if I taught Intro to Comparative Politics. But that will not happen anytime soon.

And yes, I cannot refer to old Classic Trek, to Next Generation, or to DS-9 either. Unless I show the episode. Which I do for my Intl Relations of Ethnic Conflict class (black/white vs. white/black folks).

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