Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Bad Movie Consensus

I am apparently not alone in pondering the demise of Hollywood's imagination. For a nice summary of the latest projects, see this story at Salon.

Key quote:

That's neither a positive nor a negative; dark, indigestible films don't do well at film festivals (this is known as the "Synecdoche, New York" problem).
Nor at the box office, I think.

And it includes links to two parodies of Mamet doing Anne Frank: Village Voice and New York magazine. From the latter:

ANNE: But I want to be a writer!
PETER: And then you file your manuscript, and they cut the goddamn heart out of it. They want more of this, less of that. Add a hot girl, take out the power games, make it prettier. And Nazis. They always want Nazis. Such certainty they provide. I can’t stand it.

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