Friday, August 14, 2009

Wifi Uncertain--Blog Break Likely

Just as my blog is hitting new heights of hits thanks to Dan Drezner's link, I am not sure how much I will be blogging in the next week since I do not know how good the wifi will be near the beach.

The timing of this vacation is, thus, a bit unfortunate, as whatever momentum I've got is going to dissipate. Of course, it was a temporary boost at best anyway.

I may also not be around to comment on the presidential election in Afghanistan, so that my chance to be a media @#$#@$ in Montreal will be lost. My prediction is that Karzai will run the first round but will not reach 50% and will need to have a run-off. Not a terribly controversial prediction.

I am itching to write an op-ed that will develop the point of yesterday's post--that Canada should not be so offended to be asked to stay in Afghanistan and that it should. I never knew a war to be fought on a schedule! So, perhaps if I cannot blog, I will take some time from boogie-boarding, playing poker with the girls, and eating large amounts of food to work on a piece where an uppity displaced American tells the Canadians that they are doing great and should keep doing it.

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