Monday, August 10, 2009

Mad Man? You betcha.

The internet has done much good, but it has undermined conventional media by providing alternative ways to advertise. This article, which reviews a couple of books, suggests that television is in deep trouble, and could follow the newspaper industry into the abyss.


Yes, I am a TV addict. It is bad enough that we are stuck with endless reality tv programs and five nights of Jay Leno. But if we lose the good programs because they require heaps of cash that advertisers will not put up anymore, then we will be quite sad indeed. Pop culture will have a huge hunk of its heart ripped out.

The only comfort I can take in this, besides the additional time I would have to download inferior crap online, is that there will be a few enterpreneurs who will figure out how to make money by offering up good tv programs. Of course, that will mean we will have to pay for it, but we will be able to save money as well when all of our products no longer have big advertising budgets built into their costs.

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Steve Greene said...

As a fellow TV junkie, I did find the article rather disconcerting. I love my HBO, but man cannot live on HBO alone. Though, cheap as it is too produce, we'll always have shows like Wipeout. Kills brain cells, but I love it anyway.