Thursday, August 27, 2009

Blogging During the School Year

Today was the first taste of blogging during the school year. I started the blog last May after classes ended (McGill ends early!!), and today was the first day I had some on-campus stuff of any consequence--meetings with grad students, a dissertation proposal defense (Theo was unsurprisingly sharp), and errands (they moved the instructional technology equipment facility from within the library and a convenient location to just outside of campus--lovely). So, with that and ultimate (a very fun game, with my team playing extremely well within everyone's abilities), I got to the computer with less free time than usual. Hence only the previous entry and this one.

Does this mean that my blogging will come to a halt once classes really begin and the flow of various forms of student (undergrad, grad) take up my campus time and catching up on research/grants fills up my home time? Perhaps.

Or, it may be the case that more interactions with people, as opposed to websites, will simply inspire more or similar levels of inspiration for posts.

Or, my posts may just become shorter, which my brother would appreciate.

As we used to say in grad school, it is an empirical question--theory cannot guide us in a specific direction. So, let's see how the next four months go. After that, no teaching for eight as various course reductions kick in during the first part of 2010. And, yes, I do love my job.

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