Sunday, August 2, 2009

July Movies--Slim Pickings?

We only saw three movies this month. This was partly due to travel (my week in London, my daughter's two weeks at camp) and the Just for Laughs Comedy Festival. But it was also the case that there was not a big July 4th movie with Will Smith. By stretching the summer movie season all the way back to early May or late April, this July was not quite as full of big movies to see. So, we only saw Hangover, Bruno, and Harry Potter 6. I already discussed HP and the Half-Blood Prince (HP6) last month. It is hard to figure out whether HP6 was more entertaining than Hangover. The latter was quite funny--so much so that I had aches in my stomach/ribs similar to a good night at a comedy club. I am probably biased toward HP6 due to my love of the series, so if I think they are tied, then probably Hangover was marginally more entertaining than HP6.

Bruno was better than I was expecting, but was not as consistently funny as Hangover. And I don't think it is because of the hetero/homo sexual foci of the two films. Indeed, one can argue that Hangover had the more sincere and believable bro-mance and latent homo-eroticism. Sasha Baron Cohen continues to impress in his ability and willingness to risk it all (including life and limb in front of anti-gay wrestling match attendees--if such a phrase makes sense).

The family does not have a consensus on August movies, with the wife looking forward to GI Joe while I want to see Inglorious Basterds. Not so much because I think Tarantino can do no wrong--he certainly can; but there will be much visceral thrills to be had with a small team of Jews being dropped into Nazi-held Europe to wreak havoc and revenge.

On the DVD homefront, I am catching up on last season's Weeds. I always wonder why I watch it since the lead, Nancy, played by Mary Louise-Parker, is so messed up and so destructive to all those around her. Indeed, an episode I just watched reminded me and all the viewers how thoroughly destestable the character of Doug (played wonderfully by Kevin Nealon) is: embezzler, philanderer, deadbeat dad, pothead, etc. But then I watch, and each episode is so wacky that it keeps me off balance and thoroughly entertained. I will remain a season behind since it is shown at a different time of year in Canada.

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