Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Must Read: Learning about Past and Future Native American History

As an online gambler dependent on computer servers largely based on First Nations (Canadian equivalent of Native Americans, more or less) territory, I found this series to be must reading. We, I think I can generalize here, are poorly educated about the past and contemporary history of those who lived in North American before all those pesky immigrants illegally (or not) migrated to North America.

This series has two people with Native American ancestry visiting at least one (series is but young) casino on a reservation in California.

Anyway, to argue that it's "unfair" that we were "given" casinos is as silly as lamenting that it's unfair that the U.S. government "gave" Canada much better strip clubs and, out of pity, "gave" Sweden great health care and beautiful women.

A lot of people from different classes and ethnicities and walks of life. And all of us, together, keep on giving and giving and giving, even if all of us don't win, and certainly never all at once.

Read and then react.

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