Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Worst Movie Idea of the Millennium of the Week

A Lego movie? Don't get me wrong. I loved playing with them as a kid (really only played with them when I visited my cousins--too late for me, I guess) and wish my daughter had been more into them so I could have played with them in my 30's. But this just reeks of Hollywood having lost its imagination. Just as a really cool non-Hollywood movie appears, District 9, we have the dumpster-diving of the mainstream studios. And I am a big fan of big Hollywood movies, as this blog has repeatedly demonstrated.

I guess I could be a Hollywood producer with ideas like:
  1. Tinkertoys--The plot focuses on desperate efforts of a few heroes to build the frames of buildings, which, for some obscure reason are needed for national defense.
  2. Lincoln Logs--A battle between lumberjacks and environmentalists, resolved when both sides see the need for some selective harvesting to build greener houses.
  3. Twister--A slasher flick. Sure, it all starts out as fun and games, but someone has planted mines under selected spots on the mat and the game because one of Russian roulette!
  4. Operation--A patient comes in the hospital with multiple injuries, but the patient is booby-trapped and the doctors must take care not to set off the bombs as they try to save the patient.
Any other awful ideas?

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