Wednesday, August 12, 2009

The New Prof Speaks

Our former Attorney General was interviewed by the NY Times. Ug. TTU's new visiting professor seems as desperate for love and attention and oblivious to the counter-productive results of such an attitude as I was as a 14 year old boy seeking a girlfriend. Perhaps too much information, but you get the idea. I am not sure Judd Apatow could make a movie with this much repulsive awkwardness. Not even Ricky Gervais.

Has any law firm offered you a job since you left the White House?
Listen, I’ve had some interest and I’ve had some discussions, but there has been no offer made. In a tough economic climate, I can understand why a company or a firm would want to make sure that the investigations are complete and there is no finding of wrongdoing before they make a hiring decision.

Do you have a publisher for your book yet?

Do you still talk to President Bush?
I have not spoken with the president since he left office.

Have you ever been tempted to pick up the phone and say hi to him?
I do, of course, think about our time together, and there are times when I think about doing that. But listen, I know that he has his life to live. I’ve got challenges and my life to live as well.

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