Friday, August 14, 2009

More Remakes

Not Hogans Heroes, but St. Elmo's Fire. Apparently, this is the excuse folks need to re-make Friends. And, surprisingly, likable/talented actor Topher Grace is behind it.

Just more evidence that Hollywood is lacking in imagination. Some more ideas?

Well, first, going back to Hogan's Heroes--after some discussion with facebook friends, the Clint Eastwood model suggests that we can and should make both the Gitmo and Taliban versions.

Ok, so if they bring back St. Elmo's fire as a TV show, then why not Stripes as a weekly TV show about the wacky dynamics within an army unit as they prepare for and then fight in Afghanistan. Heaps of hilarity ensue as the guys flirt with the Afghans, argue with allies, and accidentally cross into Iran and Pakistan on a regular basis. Not quite Hogan's Heroes, but plenty of opportunities for cameos--visiting politicians, USO troupes, adversary of the week, etc.

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