Monday, August 10, 2009

Beware of Dragons!

Any internet activity at all can raise all kinds of risks. Blogging is clearly one of the more likely ways one is going to find unwanted attention. Thus far, this blog has not been problematic. However, I did dip my waters into the Political Science Rumor Blog, and posted under my own identity as opposed to anonymously. There had been much wild speculation about jobs at McGill as well as folks pondering whether a degree at a Canadian univ. such as McGill would help or hurt on the American academic job market.

So, I entered the fray and after anonymous posts seemed to get no respect, I posted as myself to be clear about a job search we were having at the time. In doing so, folks then raised suspicions about my presence and my posts. Which raise the question whether the internet generation is actually so cynical of what they see online that they seek nefarious motives everywhere?

But, my alternative would be to remain silent, and there is little I do worse than keeping quiet.

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