Monday, August 17, 2009

Twitter update

Busy getting pounded by the waves today, so I just wanted to quickly ponder: tweating--following or leading? Thus far, twitter has been fun as a means to follow some interesting folks (Rainn Wilson, ESPN Sports Guy, Sarah Silverman). But I have not found myself with 140 character or less comments on anything. I guess, as my blog shows, I need more space than that.

Any suggestions on twitter-ers to follow or on stuff to tweat?

also, looking for good podcasts for longish drives. Some of the same folks, plus Adam Carolla, Reduced Shakespeare Co., The Moth, Vinyl Cafe. Any other suggestions?

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Lukas Neville said...

Hey Steve,

Lots of cool and interesting polisci folks to follow on Twitter, from faculty (@kinggary, @kohenari, @arenda, @nyuprof) to grad students (@drewconway, @chrisalbon, @zeitzoff, @ryanbriggs).