Friday, May 21, 2010

Becoming Canadian?

I thought of the song Turning Japanese this morning as one of my fb friends referred to me as Steve the Canadian.  I found this extremely funny, as I did watch five minutes of hockey last night, but that might be as far as it goes.

What do Canadians share in common, besides hockey?  They are reputed to be polite, more polite than Americans (except for some folks in Sydney who insisted that Americans are polite).  Does the word polite describe me?  Um, no.  I am not deliberately rude, but I do interrupt other people when they are talking, I am not at all deferential to folks due to their seniority or status, and I tend to express myself with only a slight filter in place. 

What else defines Canadians or distinguishes them from Americans?  I will have to ponder this some more as moose and health care attitudes do not really cover it.  Suggestions?


Steve Greene said...

Was hanging with an actual Canadian friend today and she mentioned that clothes were WAY cheaper in America. I said, oddly, my friend in Canada has never complained (and he gives voice to his complaints). In Montreal not so much, or you just never buy clothes. Also, love that song.

Steve Saideman said...

Oh, the clothes are more expensive. We tend to hit Old Navy (which we have here) and other stores when we go south for various holidays/vacations and pick up clothes then. Of course, the exception is for the fashionista daughter.
Food is more expensive as well, and that is hitting us pretty hard these days. Electricity is cheaper, water is free, but gas is more expensive.
Books are more expensive as well. But these don't have much to do with identity, the theme du jour.